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Brand Introduction: Innocent World


About Innocent World

Innocent World is probably the biggest Classic lolita brand from Japan. Although their designs sometimes stray into the Gothic, Sweet or even Ouji territory, they primarily produce Classic pieces. Regardless of substyle, their designs are always elegant and often simpler in cuts. From the day the brand was founded in 1997 Innocent World have created clothing that’s cute and elegant, “suitable for young women of the modern era”. Because of the goal to “give a little touch of refinement to the cuteness” their pieces can be Sweet or Gothic without compromising on Innocent World’s values.


Innocent World bag

When you think of Innocent World, you think of all the gorgeous crowns. Photograph by Tim Copsey Photography.


Innocent World OP

While colder months approach, long sleeves are a must. This Charm Sailor OP would be perfect for school, work or a casual outing. When it gets really chilly, stick some extra layers underneath, while the loose fit hides them. Hurry, while stock on Wunderwelt Fleur lasts!


The Designer

Yumi Fujiwara founded Innocent World and continues to work as the chief designer and president. She started the brand when she was in her mid 20’s, which meant overcoming many difficulties to create the brand we love. Like many other lolita designers, she wears the fashion daily and believes that age doesn’t matter as long as your heart is pure and beautiful. Moreover, since she herself is considered tall by Japanese standards at 170cm tall, she wants to accommodate taller customers through her designs. Judging by her atelier and her love for various teas, Yumi Fujiwara is the epitome of a lifestyle lolita: elegant, demure and utterly ladylike.


Innocent World's designer, Yumi Fujihara

Yumi Fujiwara at the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna, October 2013. Photography by Michael Erde from M.E.Fotografie.


Innocent World heels

Every Classic lolita needs a pair of elegant heels, because we aspire to be like Ms. Fujiwara. These would take you from a relaxed stroll to the fanciest tea party. Get them from Wunderwelt Fleur before they’re gone!


The Brand Internationally

The designer Yumi Fujiwara regularly travels to Europe, in order to gather inspiration for upcoming designs. However, those are primarily private trips. If you want to know how this process looks, watch part 1 of Kawaii Pateen’s documentary on Innocent World. In addition, Innocent World attended several international events, including in the United States, Austria, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. We certainly hope that there will be more still to come!


Innocent World's Yumi Fujihara in London

Designer Yumi Fujiwara with the Tea Party Club team at Regalia, London, September 2015. Photograph by Tim Copsey Photography.


Lolitas about Innocent World


Did you really need further proof of how wearable Innocent World’s clothes are? Aptly named Church Choir Collar Blouse, this beauty works as well for church as it does for lolita meetups. Available on Wunderwelt Fleur in black, off-white and ivory.

“I can wear Innocent World’s clothes easily and in a mature way” — Yui Minakata, Innocent World’s official model, in an interview for Kawaii Pateen.


Innocent World coord

Sashie is wearing Crest Gobelin JSK for a stunningly royal look!

“The texture of the material is really nice. My only thing is that it has quite a long kinda torso area. […] So if you are smaller, wear a belt. As far as prints go, I actually prefer IW to Angelic Pretty or Baby.” — Sashie (IG)


Our very own Lou Graves (IG, YT) is wearing the Ribbon Salopette. Want to admire it more? Check out this amazing King of Spades look!


Innocent World JSK

Sara is wearing Ave Maria Stained Glass Church Choir JSK. Her outfit is proof that Innocent World does amazing gothic pieces too! A big fan of the brand, she says only Metamorphose can rival them in the range of high quality pieces across the different substyles.

“I feel like IW is one of the few brands that still caters primarily to Lolitas who wear the fashion as normal clothes, and not just crazy flashy event-wear. […] They’ll always have my love for the way they truly anchor the roots of Lolita in their modern collections.” — Sarah (IG)


Jo is wearing Strahov Library Corset JSK with a Millefeuille bolero and Gold Lame OTK socks. She’s making us green with envy, because she looks that good! If you’re green with envy too, remember that Wulderwelt Fleur still has the Millefeuille bolero in pink and brown in stock! However, this won’t last long, so be quick!

“I really like Innocent World’s designs because the things I have from them are incredibly wearable and versatile. Their boleros are the absolute best you can get, after getting a second hand one I loved it so much that I actually received my first new one from them in the post today! I was lucky enough to model for them at Regalia in London in 2015, and I hope to buy more from them in the future.” — Jo (IG)


Lucy is wearing Appartement JSK. She makes the dress pop and the red touches are simply adorable!

“Innocent World clothes are some of the first I ever wore, looked in the mirror, and felt truly pretty. […] The brand produces so of the most genuinely beautiful and versatile pieces of clothing and 90% of my coords always include an Innocent World accessory at least.” — Lucy


Innocent World JSK and tights

Eleanor is wearing Antique Tartan JSK with Classical Violin tights. For more stretchy legwear from Innocent World, head over to Wunderwelt Fleur.

“I love the colours and cut of this dress, it fits me beautifully. I love the fact this dress has a proper zip, not one of those useless “invisible” ones.” — Eleanor


Innocent World coordinate

Paulina is wearing Georges Rose JSK in ivory. This dress sold out on Innocent World’s official website, but it’s still available on Wunderwelt Fleur in ivory and black!

“Their clothes are incredibly wearable and flattering. I have the Millefeuille bolero in three colourways already, but I want more. Also, of all brand socks I own, Innocent World’s are the only ones that actually and comfortably go way over my knees. They’re unbeatable for me!” — Paulina Pejka (IG, blog)



Shop Innocent World on Wunderwelt Fleur and combine with your regular Wunderwelt order to save on shipping!

Follow Innocent World on Instagram. You can also go on Twitter to follow Yumi Fujihara, the Osaka main branch and the Shinjuku branch for updates.

Moreover, Innocent World’s main website will have additional information regarding new products and upcoming events.


* All photographs are used with permission from the authors/subjects.

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