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All about Angelic Pretty


Today we will discover one of the main, well-established lolita fashion brands, Angelic Pretty.


Angelic Pretty is a Japanese clothing brand that mainly creates sweet lolita clothing. As you may already know, lolita fashion originates from an area in Japan called Harajuku, which is primarily known for the birth of many other subculture fashions. Angelic Pretty first opened it’s doors in 1979 but under the name Pretty, until they decided to change the store name to Angelic Pretty in 2001.

Since their opening, due to their global popularity, Angelic Pretty has successfully opened 18 stores across the world! This includes Shanghai, China, San Fransisco, USA and Paris, France.


Here are some examples of the typical style of clothing and accessories that Angelic Pretty sells. Some of these items include their most popular designs from 2010 onwards. Angelic Pretty is well known for designing prints that have chocolate and sweet themes and using pastel colours such as pink for their main pieces.



W 39863 00

Sweet Cream House JSK and Headbow in the brown colourway.


Polka Dot Strawberry cutsew


W 38756 00

Little Donut ring










W 35840 00

Magic Princess OP and headbow in lilac

Melty Royal Chocolate bag

Biscuit necklace in pink









(These items are available for sale on Wunderwelt as of 24/08/18).



Angelic Pretty’s brand concept is: “Angelic Pretty provides adorable clothes covered in lace, frills and ribbons like that of the fairytale princess you dreamed about as a little girl. We want girls to never lose sight of that dream and this is a brand for girls who want to keep that dream alive”.  This is definitely reflected in their girly prints and their physical store which is decorated in all pink like how we would imagine a fairytale princess’ bedroom to be.


Angelic Pretty also holds annual Tea Party events across the world, these events have fashion shows showcasing the upcoming releases of the season. Afternoon tea is served at each table and other little delicacies. They also often have best-dressed competitions where winners win special prizes. Their most recent event was “Le Banquet des Anges” in Paris, France, to celebrate their 2nd year anniversary of the Paris store opening.


Throughout recent years the brand has collaborated with many different artists and companies, this includes (今井 キラ) Imai Kira, Disney, Pullip, Barbie, Sanrio and so on.

W 39694 00

Mermaid Symphony skirt in pink – Angelic Pretty x Imai Kira

W 39312 00

Marie Parka – Angelic Pretty x Disney









Angelic Pretty has two main designers, Maki and Asuka. They often appear at Tea Party events and occasionally at large scale events made by the lolita commuity, such as The Tea Party Club in London, UK.

Maki, from Saitama prefecture, majored in illustration and joined Angelic Pretty in 2003 and now designs socks and is in charge of choosing the base of each design.

Asuka, from Kanagawa prefecture, majored in design for clothing and accessories and joined Angelic Pretty in 2001. She now designs bags, shoes and parasols, including taking on the role as a PR person.




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