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2 book inspired nail art designs


Outside of j-fashion, one of my deep passions is reading. Obviously, I needed to find a way to incorporate my love of books with my love of fashion and nail art. I’ve got two designs so you can take a good book with you everywhere you good. I think these designs look fantastic with classic, but obviously you can swap out the colors I’ve used to suit your tastes and wardrobe.

Newsprint nails

You’ll need:

  • newspaper
  • alcohol (rubbing alcohol or high proof vodka)
  • nail polish in a color of your choice (I recommend lighter colors, but this will work just about any color except for black)
  • quick dry top coat

Before you start painting your nails, take your newspaper and cut it into small pieces slightly larger than your nail. The words will be backwards, so it doesn’t really matter what section you chose from, but it helps to choose dense paragraphs so you can get as many words as possible onto your nails. Pour a small amount of alcohol into a glass or other container.

Prep your nails as desired and paint a base color. Top with a quick dry top coat and make sure your nails are dry and hardened before moving on. (Please forgive the super kawaii cut on my cuticle, I should never be allowed around sharp objects.)

Soak your newspaper clip in the alcohol until it is totally saturated.

Press your newspaper onto your nail for 10-20 seconds. Gently remove. The newsprint transfers onto your nails! Top with a quick dry top coat.

Clean up the excess newsprint on your skin with a q-tip (it should just come off with a little soap and water.)

Bookshelf nails

You’ll need

  • Base nail polish color
  • Several detail colors (polish or acrylic paint)
  • Fine tip nail art brushes

Tip: use acrylic paint for finer detail control and so you don’t have to clean your brushes out with acetone!

Prep your nails as desired. Paint your base coat.

Using a liner brush, divide your nail in half lengthwise to create a “shelf”.

Begin to fill your shelf with books. Create book spines of varying widths. You can also create stacks of books going the opposite direction, or have a book leaning against the others.

Repeat for your bottom shelf.

Go back in with a thin liner brush and add black outlines and details.

Consider celebrating by buying a book from a local bookstore! Don’t know which is near you? Check out Indiebound, which allows you to order online from local bookstores and have them shipped to your home! I’m a big fan of the Last Bookstore, the Ripped Bodice (a women owned romance bookstore), and Eso Won Books (a Black owned bookstore), but there’s definitely a store near you that would appreciate the love!


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