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Brand Introduction: Atelier Boz


About Atelier Boz

Atelier Boz is one of the best known brands featuring ouji fashion, as well as lolita. Their clothing is primarily Gothic, with some Classic pieces, and many work well with other Japanese styles like Visual-kei or Aristocrat. Since its establishment in 1995, Boz has been creating elegant clothing with clean designs focusing on simple, beautiful silhouettes and detail. Their motto is the ‘pursuit of Gothic and classic European period fashion’, which perfectly encapsulates the brand’s style.

Atelier Boz’s Roland jacket is a timeless classic and a must in every ouji’s wardrobe! Grab this one while you can!


Those new to ouji fashion or looking to expand into it should look out for sets. Wunderwelt has this jacket and pants set on its website for less than a brand new Roland. But probably not for long…


The Designer

The designer and founder of Atelier Boz is Takashi Shibata. He studied at the Bunka Fashion College, whose other notable alumni include Yohji Yamamoto and which to this day continues to be the leading school for fashion in Japan. After graduating, Shibata spent three years in Paris, before returning to Japan and starting his own fashion label, of which Atelier Boz became the most prominent part. Unlike many other designers of prominent Japanese EGL brands, Takashi Shibata has not attended any events overseas and little is known about him besides this.


The Brand Internationally

Despite the designer’s lack of international presence, the brand remains popular with J-fashion enthusiasts both within and outside of Japan. Their dark style continues to complement many variations of Gothic and alternative fashions. Atelier Boz carries both masculine and feminine clothing, enabling anyone to look dark and elegant. Their iconic Roland comes in both men’s and women’s size – and the men’s size can be more accommodating for Western women, so don’t be afraid to try it!

This brand offers items suited for a variety of styles. From these super Goth boots


… to this elegant Classic blouse, equally fit for a Victorian lady or a gent…


… to this sweetly pink bolero from their sister label, Lapin Agill – everyone can find something for themselves!


Lolitas about Atelier Boz

Atelier Boz Giulietta OP

Sarah is wearing Giulietta Mini OP, proving that Atelier Boz does stunning womenswear as well as menswear.

“The best tailoring of any dress I’ve ever owned. The design is so sharp and the fabric drapes perfectly.” — Sarah (IG)


Roland Jacket

Nadina paired her Roland jacket with a TripleFortune Bonnet and Haenuli’s Promise of Eternal JSK in red. This tailored Goth look is giving us life!

“I love my Roland! Generally I really like the severe and austere style of Boz. I love how beautifully it’s tailored, even though I’m tall and fit into the men’s size it still flatters my figure really well. The materials are amazing quality too. It always makes me feel really regal and important.” — Nadina (IG)


Atelier Boz Josephine Jacket Skirt

Lisa is wearing Josephine Jacket Skirt in ivory, creating this stunning feminine, yet still very Gothic look. When the details on your dress are this exquisite, then you don’t need much to shine!

“This is the only Boz piece I have, but my god it’s my favourite dress in my wardrobe. The fabric and how it’s structured is nothing like I’ve had before, and it’s the main selling point. I feel so important and fancy wearing it, more so than other lolita brands!” — Lisa (IG)


Jo Atelier Boz no 1 fan

Jo paired her Atelier Boz Wilhelm jacket with Angelic Pretty’s Moon Night Theater JSK and a tricorn hat for a pirate look. She owns 6 Atelier Boz jackets already, as well as 4 other pieces, and plans on expanding that collection in the future!

“Boz is my absolute favourite brand and the one most represented in my wardrobe. Their sizing fits me very well, and I love how some of their jackets can tone a look down, but others can really elevate a coord to something OTT. Their quality is also incredible, as is their tailoring. Boz forever!” — Jo (IG)


Atelier Boz at LftN

Lou Graves (YT, IG) is wearing a white coat from Atelier Boz at Love from the North tea party. Photograph by Anh Binh Photography.

“Atelier Boz styling is just gorgeous, I would kill for a wardrobe full of their pieces” — Anonymous



You can shop Atelier Boz on Wunderwelt. For new releases, head over to their online shop.

Follow Atelier Boz on Twitter for all the most up-to-date information about new products.

You can also follow their Osaka and Nagoya branches on Facebook (Osaka, Nagoya) and Instagram (Osaka, Nagoya), as well as Twitter (Osaka, Nagoya).


* All products shown are available on Wunderwelt and may not be available at the time of publishing.

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