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Florals for Every Style of Lolita


Florals for spring aren’t exactly ground-breaking. However, with cherry blossoms predicted to bloom later this month and many other flowers blossoming already, how can you not be in the mood for some florals? While you may associate that pattern with classic lolitas, it is in fact versatile enough to work with all substyles. Regardless of which brand you choose, they have all done florals and some are bound to work with your style. Don’t believe me? Look at these examples for some inspiration!


Classic Florals

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, shall we? We all know that florals are to classic lolita what pink is to sweet lolita. From subtle and elegant to grandma couch realness, there is a whole array of styles to choose from. As well as a whole assortment of flowers, although roses are the most popular motif in lolita fashion. And the best thing about classic lolita florals is that some of the more understated ones can also work in non-lolita outfits, if you style them right.


classic florals

When you have such a busy print, such as this Crown Label floral print OP, it’s best to keep the rest of the coordinate simple. Featuring Innocent World cardigan, Alice and the Pirates OTKs, Enchantlic Enchantilly headbow and Emily Temple Cute shoes.


Sweet Florals

When you think of sweet florals, you probably think of Angelic Pretty prints. They’ve done several very popular ones that are undeniably sweet despite featuring flowers. However, especially recently, the major brands have been bridging the gap between sweet and classic lolita ever closer. This means that we’re seeing more florals in sweet cuts or classic floral themes with a sweet twist. As such, if your wardrobe includes both substyles, getting flower prints would be a great way to maximise versatility and ensure that everything works together.


sweet florals

Sweet lolita offers the bonus of other cute motifs with your florals. Featuring a Metamorphose JSK, Baby the Stars Shine Bright headdress and blouse, Alice and the Pirates OTKs, Enchantlic Enchantilly wrist cuffs and Angelic Pretty shoes.


Gothic Florals

If you think that goths can’t wear florals, then you haven’t been around in the fashion for very long. The king of all goth brands, Moi-meme-Moitie, has released several floral prints in the past. Moreover, what could encapsulate the dark, vampire-like, romantic aesthetic as well as a blood red or a black rose? Roses often feature on gothic dresses through lace, like on Atelier Pierrot’s creations. They key to maintaining a gothic coordinate with a floral main piece is by paying attention to cuts and trims of all your other pieces.


gothic florals

Flower prints can be as dark and mysterious, as they can be bright and airy. Featuring Moi-meme-Moitie OP, Atelier Pierrot headdress and bolero, Atelier 17 OTKs and Queen Bee shoes.


Oldschool Florals

I couldn’t resist including this. Grandma couch-kei had to start somewhere and oldschool lolita isn’t just about solids with nice lace. This style can be the most in-your-face, due to how busy older floral prints can be even before you add the lace. Thus it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. Embrace its boldness and have fun playing with the style. And be smug – oldschool florals are usually pretty cheap, since fewer people brave that look. That means all the bargains for you!


oldschool florals

While there has been a revival of interest in oldschool lolita, not many go for its bolder, more grandma’s couch incarnation. Which is a shame, because this Innocent World Rococo Rose JSK from 2001 is just gorgeous! Featuring Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse, Metamorphose headdress, Moi-meme-Moitie OTKs, Queen Bee shoes and Innocent World bag.



We hope that these coordinates have inspired you to create your own floral outfits. Make sure to share these on Alice Holic. And fingers crossed that wherever you are, you will be blessed with a little bit of spring-like weather soon!


* All items available for purchase from Wunderwelt and Wunderwelt Fleur at the time of writing. Availability of some items is limited.

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