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Bad Weather Tips and Tricks

In an ideal scenario, autumn would be this gorgeous, colourful, happy season everywhere. However, in reality in many places it can be really drab. Weather in the UK is infamously bad, so take advice from UK lolitas. We can give you some of the best tricks for all kinds of bad weather: rainy, windy, cold and more.


When Bad Weather Means Rain

Rain is the most common type of bad weather lolitas will encounter, regardless of the season. In places like the UK, rain is often unavoidable and not enough of a reason to cancel plans. As such, it’s crucial to know how to prepare for it. Wear colourfast clothing because you can’t always protect your entire dress. For all that we moan about polyester fabrics, they rarely bleed and will dry quicker too. Having rainproof clothing is essential for staying dry during the commute. Whilst you can buy a lolita raincoat, a see-through poncho will keep your clothes dry, won’t hide your coord and won’t squish your poof either. Many lolita brand parasols have UV as well as rain protection, but you can buy cute umbrellas offbrand too. Your shoes are as important as your clothes. You can look for cute wellies to match your outfits (Fi.n.t. and Axes Femme have released some cute ones in the past). Alternatively, bring a change of shoes to the meet. Plan your outfit in advance and have back-up options for when the weather changes, so that you can look cute despite the rain.

bad weather parasol

A parasol like this one from Baby will shield you from rain as well as sun.


When Bad Weather Means Wind

Being an island, the UK gets pretty windy in autumn, ranging from gentle breeze to violent storms. But only red alerts warnings stop us from going to meets! Bad weather in the form of wind presents two main obstacles: it messes up your outfit and hair, and makes it feel colder than it really is. The easiest thing to do is to wear a long coat that’s either a little heavier or a little too small for full lolita. A coat like this won’t fly in the wind and will keep your dress and petticoat in place. You can also take off your petticoat whilst commuting and put it on once you arrive at the meet. Always make sure to wear bloomers to protect your modesty during a windy accident. Unfortunately, wind is your hair/wig’s worst enemy. This is no time for loose, flowing locks, as they will simply get tangled. In bad weather opt for braids, buns and short wigs instead. Pin your hair accessories in place for extra security too, so you don’t lose them to the wind. You might also want to skip false eyelashes or wait until arriving at the venue before putting them on.

bad weather coat

This Innocent World wool blend coat will shield you from the wind and keep your clothes in place.


When Bad Weather Means Cold

As the Northern Hemisphere moves into autumn and winter, temperatures will inevitably drop. This is one of the few areas when wearing lolita is an advantage, as the layers will keep you warm. The rule of thumb is that more thin layers will keep you warmer than a few thick ones. This means that in bad weather it’s warmer to wear a camisole, chiffon blouse, JSK, a vest, a cardigan and a coat than it would be to wear a long sleeve OP and a coat. Also, as indoor venues will be heated, having multiple layers that can be taken off will stop you from overheating when not outdoors. If you feel particularly chilly, consider thermal undergarments which you could hide under your frills. For your hands – some cute gloves or a hand warmer. Or just a hot beverage to warm you up on the inside as well as outside. There are plenty of cute cold weather accessories that you could use to keep yourself toasty, simply find the ones you like most!

bad weather cardigan

Lolita cardigans, such as this AatP one, often aren’t made for warmth. But having a thinner layer on top of 2-3 other ones that can be taken off will help much more in the cold. In case you needed convincing that cardigans are great.


Other Kinds of Bad Weather

If bad weather would only stick to one kind, it would be much easier to prepare for it. Sadly, they often join forces: rainy and windy, cold and rainy, windy and cold… Your environment may also affect these and present you with new kinds of challenges. Rainy weather in cities often means dirty puddles, which splash and stain light socks. If you live in the countryside, wet ground will turn into mud, which also splashes, but also clings to your shoes and makes walking harder. However sturdy brand parasols may be, you may be better with an offbrand wind-resistant umbrella instead that won’t be easily turned inside out or damaged. Once bad weather meets colder temperatures of winter, puddles will start freezing over, causing slip hazards, so invest in some snow and ice grips for your shoes. With enough preparation, only truly, red alert bad weather will stop you from enjoying the fashion and meetups. Take it from me. Lots of love from Northern England, stay warm and dry this autumn!

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