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3 Winter Essentials You Can Wear with Your Regular Clothes


The Northern Hemisphere is firmly in cold weather territory, with winter just around the corner. Thanks to the many layers lolita fashion keeps us toasty, but when not in frills it can be hard to stay warm and looking cute. Luckily, if your lolita wardrobe is suited to winter, you probably already have at least one of these essentials already. So take them out and put in your regular outfits!


Bloomers for Winter

Yes, your bloomers do more than just keep you modest. They won’t fit under trousers, but skirts and dresses are warmer anyway, especially longer ones. Add to it by putting your bloomers on as well and toasty bottom guaranteed! You can go a step further and make fleecy bloomers just for the winter months. Bonus points (and warmth) if you also decide to wear a petticoat outside of lolita!

Bloomers for winter

You feel cuter in the cold knowing you wear something lolita in winter. These are from Innocent World.


Cute Winter Boots

This may be more for the Goths out there, with their massive platforms, but don’t discount lolita boots for regular wear. Some brands, like Metamorphose or Milk, have released cute engineer boots, which would be easier to wear in winter as they’re flat. However, if you’re not worried about slipping and tripping, why not try some heels? These BtSSB ones would look cute with your office Christmas party outfit!

Winter boots

There may be more practical boots out there, but few will be as cute as these. However, remember to prioritise your health and safety! These boots are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.


Turtleneck Cutsews

While Japanese lolita brands have not released turtlenecks in a good while, some still appear on Wunderwelt from time to time. These will be comfortable, as well as warm this winter. Layer them under a dress or wear with trousers and skirts for a look that’s casual yet cute. However you wear it, it will make sure you don’t freeze. Because in winter cold many thinner layers keep you warmer than a few thicker ones. (Yes, that’s why you’re always so warm in lolita!)

Tutleneck cutsew

Moitie may be a Gothic brand, but anyone can be cute and warm in this wool-nylon blend cutsew!


Anything Else?

Of course, you can bring in all kinds of pieces from your lolita wardrobe into daily wear. Don’t be afraid to wear your favourite Angelic Pretty cardigan or Mary Magdalene coat outside of lolita. And why not layer some cute OTK socks or get a pair of lolita gloves or earmuffs? Those clothes were made to be worn and may be better suited to winter than you imagine. Test what works for your climate and remember to keep an eye out on Wunderwelt sales to nab that coat you’ve been thinking about!

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