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Lightningsavage’s 2019 Wardrobe


I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve published a post—but for good reason. Since last year’s wardrobe post, a lot has changed in my life, including becoming the co-owner of a fully fledged J-fashion store! Between that, photography, and my day job, much of my life is booked these days. Because of that, I will be reusing some photos.

Still, I thought it would be important to post an update to my 2018 wardrobe post, considering my goals from 2018.

In summary, I had considerable growth in jackets, blouses, legwear, and accessories. At the beginning of the year, I scored a great deal on a velvet Roland jacket on Lace Market and it quickly became my favorite piece to wear. I spent much of the year adding to my jacket collection and managed to find the black Captain Hollow on Lace Market as well—and instant buy considering how rare it is to find a men’s size in black that has all the pieces. Later on in the year, I sold my beloved Rose Cross Print Long Gilet (2009) from Moi Meme Moitie to buy a blouse and silver and gold diamond socks from Alice and the Pirates, a hat from Corgi-Corgi, my first Kumakumya (named Kuma-kun), and a bunch of oujiable accessories from Wish. I then managed to flesh out my wardrobe on Wunderwelt with another vest and an Incubus blouse in red (which I’d been waiting for ages to pop up on the used market in men’s size).


Atelier Boz Mistress Blouse (2006)


Fanplusfriend White blouse

Moi-même-Moitié Double Gauze Blouse (2011)

Offbrand White stripe blouse

Offbrand White tie blouse

Little Dipper Rose Embroidery Blouse (2017)

Red Queen’s Black Legion Black standing collar blouse

Alice and the Pirates Drag Star Blouse

Alice and the Pirates Incubus Blouse



Arca et Ovis Gothic Prince Vest (2017)

Putumayo Green velvet vest

Alice and the Pirates Chain Bouquet Vest (2011)


Putumayo Layered Wind Ouji Jacket (2017) featuring a missing button D:

h.Naoto Sixh Embroidery jacket

Atelier Boz Schwarz Roland Jacket (2013/2014)

Ralph Lauren Suede leather jacket (navy)

Atelier Boz Velvet Roland Jacket (2010)

Alice and the Pirates Captain Hollow Jacket (2012)

Alice and the Pirates Ludwig Coat (2011)

SY Royal Knights Jacket


Atelier Boz Ailos Cape (2013)


Drug Honey 2 Way / irregular flap wide pants (2018)

h.Naoto/gouk MINT Volume Transformation Sarrouel Pants

Algonquins Chain shorts

Putumayo Green velvet shorts


Atelier Boz Leister Overskirt Black x Black (2009)

Atelier Boz Leister Overskirt Black x Blue (2009)


Ichigo Miko Gold and Silver Tree of Starlight (2016) Blue

Ichigo Miko Gold and Silver Tree of Starlight (2016) Green


Alice and the Pirates A/P Diamond Lame OTKs Black x Gold (I’m assuming 2014)

Alice and the Pirates A/P Diamond Lame OTKs Green x Gold

Offbrand Black net tights

Offbrand Black tights

Alice and the Pirates A/P Diamond Lame OTKs Black x Silver x Gold (2019)

Angelic Pretty OTKs

Putumayo Ribbon Stripe OTKs (2014) – Navy

Putumayo Ribbon Stripe OTKs (2014) – Black

Putumayo OTKs


h.Naoto Sixh Fur hip bag

Moi-même-Moitié Leather passcase

SEX POT ReVeNGE x ENSOKU Collaboration tote bag

Puvithel Graverobber Coffin Purse (2017)

Typo Attachè (2016)

Civarize Leather 2-way bag

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Kumakumya Mini Rucksack (2017)


Yosuke Thick bottom lace up boots

Yosuke Thick bottom lace up long boots


Putumayo Trump bow tie

Atelier Boz Mistress Blouse Jabot (2006)

Black Peace Now Rose lace necktie

KRY Clothing Snood

Offbrand Leather bat bow tie


Offbrand Black mesh tassel scarf

SEX POT ReVeNGe Chiffon muffler

SEX POT ReVeNGe Black knitted muffler

Thrifted Black knit scarf

Alice and the Pirates Ariana Striped Butterfly Tie


Corgi-Corgi Red Rose Feather Tricorn


Offbrand/Handmade Spiked pauldron

Puvithel Crystal Heart Ouji Brooch – Blue (x2)

Offbrand Vintage skulls brooch

Offbrand Vintage snowflake brooch (This was actually my grandmother’s)

Offbrand Black brooch

Offbrand Vintage Spike brooch

Offbrand Gold and blue brooch

Arca et Ovis Horned brooch

Handmade Rose doily brooch

Handmade Rose brooch

Offbrand Vintage cameo key brooch

Offbrand Vintage chain cameo

Handmade “Beast” nametag brooch

Handmade Marshall rank brooch

Offbrand Gold deer brooch

Offbrand Slytherin pin

Putumayo Chain pin


Offbrand Black stacked rings

SEX POT ReVeNGe Red gem ring

Offbrand Lord of the Rings: Aragorn ring

Offbrand Lord of the Rings: the Ring

Handmade Copper ring

Offbrand Lord of the Rings: the Ring

Offbrand Green and black ring

Offbrand Gold x blue ring

Offbrand Diamond gold ring

Offbrand Concentric diamond gold ring

Offbrand Misty crystal ring

Offbrand Ice dragon ring

SEX POT ReVeNGe Cross earring (2018)

SEX POT ReVeNGe Blue rose skull earring (2018)

Moi Meme Moitie Rose and cross earring

Offbrand Dragon cuff earring

Offbrand Snake earring

Offbrand Gold triangle earrings

Offbrand Black triangle earrings

Offbrand Cross chain earring

SEX POT ReVeNGe Poison earring

Offbrand Black/white feather ear wraps

h.Naoto Steam Key necklace

SEX POT ReVeNGe Skull necklace

Offbrand Pirate coin necklace

Offbrand Blue antique key necklace

Tragedy Night Key to the King Necklace (2016)

Handmade Waist chain

SEX POT ReVeNGe SID Chain necklace

Offbrand Crystal drop necklace

Offbrand black spike necklace

Handmade Chain clip

DZD Jewelry Black crystal cross necklace

DZD Jewelry Black crystal necklace

Offbrand Snowglobe necklace

Offbrand Ruby cross necklace

Offbrand Silver locket necklace


Now that I’m more comfortable with the styles I like to wear, you’ll probably see more variety in my wardrobe when it comes to brands. I still plan to collect jackets, but I am finding that larger oujiable blouses are a bit more difficult to find, so I’ll probably turn to taobao a bit in 2020. Overall, I hope to keep my wardrobe a solid collection of things that I adore.

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