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Capsule Wardrobe: All-black summer edition


So, you might have noticed that in past posts we talked a bit about capsule wardrobes, right?

For today’s post we are going to build an all-black wardrobe for your summer travelings! So grab the traveling checklist and our destination guide and get ready for a nice Kuro vacation!

Main Pieces

When choosing your main pieces, it’s always important to  have the word “versatility” in mind. That’s the main reason you won’t find more than one One Piece in this capsule wardrobe: OPs often leave us with less options for coording when compared to skirts and JSKs.

1. This Atelier BOZ JSK is a trump card in any goth or kuro wardrobe. The simple cut makes it easy to match with different kinds of blouses and accessories, so consider something like this for your capsule wardrobe.

2. This asymmetrical JSK from ICHIGO 15 is a nice touch to your wardrobe. It’s an unique cut that will help you vary the silhouette a bit.

3. For those days when you want to get a bit dressed up, a frilly JSK like this one from Victorian Maiden might be a good choice.

4. Finally, this OP from Sheglit is perfect for summery days, and it could easily be paired with a corset or bolero.


Skirts are essential in any summery wardrobe. They are easy to coord and wear and might enrich the uniqueness of your blouses.

1. This skirt from Mary Magdalene has a lot of elegance and with a nice blouse it could be perfect for a summery stroll.

2. A basic skirt such as this one from Innocent World is a good addition to your wardrobe. It also has a nice high waisted corset to help you vary a bit.


Blouses are never enough on a wardrobe, but here let’s get down to only four (one of them has a neck ribbon, which can be dropped for a new look!) that you might be able to use during summer.

1. This long sleeved blouse from AATP has some transparency and a very elegant collar. It’s perfect to step up any basic coord.

2. The short sleeved blouse from AtePie has a bow on the neck that can be dropped for maximum freshness on a hot day. This bow makes it very versatile!

3. The material of this lacy blouse from Baby is so comfortable to wear that it’s a good option even on hot days! Take note that the sleeve details might dismiss the need of wristcuffs or bracelets.

4. Finally, this cute blouse from meta is perfect to be worn under any kind of JSK.


I won’t go long about accessories. Try getting pieces that match the sub style you’re going for. You should have at least two of these:

  • Wristcuffs or bracelets;
  • Headpieces;
  • Necklaces;
  • Rings;
  • Ribbon clips;


Legwear for an all-black wardrobe is pretty easy: have at least one pair of solid black OTKs and one pair of lacy OTKs (the legwear AATP sells is really iconic and can step-up your coords). Also, consider some short lacy socks for hot days.


For a capsule wardrobe you won’t need more than one bag. But, for this version, let’s consider a handbag from Moitie and a Shoulder bag from Sheglit. Having bags of different types is the ideal scenario if you want to have more than one on your capsule wardrobe.


For this capsule wardrobe we’re going to need only two pair of shoes. This will make packing a bit easier and lighter for your. Remember to choose versatile shoes that fir your main pieces!

1. The first pair of shoes is by Innocent World. This model is pretty easy to coord with anything you might have on the goth x classic side. I have one pair of these an I wear it with practically everything I own!

2. Now, for a more regal look, these Victorian Maiden boots might do a nice job. Try to balance a basic pair with a fancy one for more coording options!

Final result

And that’s your all-black summer capsule wardrobe! Remember that this post is a guideline for you to build your own capsule wardrobe, so feel free to substitute pieces as you feel like <3


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