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4 releases to step-up your goth wardrobe!

I know it’s hard to resist the temptation of buying a new main piece every time you open your favourite shops, but investing time and money in new accessories might give you more options to coord the pieces you already own.

Knowing that, I’ve prepared a quick list of 5 goth releases that might step-up your goth wardrobe! Check them out and consider those that best match your aesthetics!


Sheglit’s Restraint” Leather Corset is the perfect addition to any goth wardrobe! With this corset you can give a new silhouette for your skirts and dresses, giving them a more punk-y look! Besides, It’s available in both red and black, so consider getting one of these for a new look with your old pieces.

Atelier Pierrot

This See-through Chiffon Bolero from ATELIER-PIERROT is a good summer addition, as it may pair up nicely with any JSK and cover up enough for a nice blouseless coord. The soft chiffon fabric makes it even more breathable, so don’t forget to add this one to your cart for the next summer!


I know I’ve just taught you how to make your own wristcuffs, but this cute set from Moitie comes with their exclusive Rose Cross Lace in a nice range of black-white combos! Consider a nice and fresh pair of wristcuffs to match your black / white pieces!


Lastly, you know that saying: “one cannot have enough socks”, and that’s specially true for a lolita wardrobe! Check out this pair released by Nightmare and be sincere: isn’t it just perfect for your gothic and lolita wardrobe? I suggest you do keep your watch on their releases! They usually have not only goth, but also sweet and classical pieces that will absolutely help step-up your wardrobe!

And that’s it!

What’s your favorite release of this season? I’ve been eyeing Moitie’s latest pieces and I’m sure they’ll help you improve your coords 🙂

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