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How to host a Loliday meeting?


Loliday actually stands for “International Lolita Day” and it happens on every first saturday of June and December. It’s a great opportunity to set a meeting for your whole comm, as it could happen both in winter and summer season!

That said, let’s see 3 tips for you to host a memorable Loliday meeting!

3 tips for a nice Loliday meeting with your comm


Who doesn’t enjoy having their memories registered in pictures? A nice photo session is mandatory in a Loliday Meeting! So get a nice spot, check your cellphones and cameras, and take some nice pics with your friends. You could even craft a themed background for the photos! Just use your imagination and have fun with your friends!

Share your knowledge about the Fashion

The Loliday is also about educating ourselves about this fashion. So, take this opportunity and prepare some nice info exchanging between the members of your comm. You can show magazines, blogposts, pictures, books and share them with the members, asking about their opinions and impressions on the evolution of the fashion. It’s a good idea do host quizzes and games to test (and educate) people’s knowledge on Lolita Fashion.

Produce Content

Since one of the objectives of the Loliday is to educate people about the fashion, producing relevant content about the Fashion is the perfect way to celebrate it! Invite your comm members to produce something nice, such as blogpost, a video or even a whole zine about it! Share these information across the network and let others know about your hobby.

What else do you like to do to celebrate this fashion?

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