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One Meet-up idea for each month!


February is drawing to a close, so, after Valentine’s season, it’s time to start preparing your next meet-ups, right?

Today I’ll bring you 12 different seasonal meet-ups ideas: one for each month of the year! Starting with New year’s and ending with Christmas, I hope you’ll like each one of these ideas <3

12 Meet-ups ideas

  • January: New Year’s Eve – Get everyone in white and have fun welcoming the New Year!
  • February: Valentine’s day – chocolate and pink drinks are under the spotlight this month. Check out our latest post with more suggestions for February meetings!
  • March: Aquarium meetings – March is the month of the Pisces, so it might be a good opportunity to visit your local aquarium and have some nice photos taken in blue!
  • April: Easter Meet-up – If not for Easter, you could have a chocolate x  rabbits themed meeting with your comm. It’s the perfect time to have some Secret Santa with chocolates!
  • May: Beach Meet-up – Summer vacation starts in the north, and the temperatures get a bit more amiable in the south. That’s the perfect time to go out to the beach and have a nice picnic or sea gazing!
  • June: Sushi and Japanese Food Meeting: June has the international Sushi day on its calendar, so it’s ayour chance to go to your favourite Japanese restaurant with your comm.
  • July: Tartan Meet-up – July 1st is the International Tartan Day! Can you imagine it? celebrate your favourite tartan prints in a themed meet-up!
  • August: Pet Appreciation Meet-up – August has the international Cat’s day, so it’s another nice day to show some appreciation for your dear pets. You could either organize a cat themed tea-party or have a nice time with your friends while appreciating your pets!
  • September: Spring / Fall Meet-up – September is the perfect month to go flower gazing. Arrange a nice outdoor meeting and have a picnic with your friends!
  • October: Movie Meet-up – Get your friends together and go to the movies! You could also invite everyone to your house and have a nice home movie session!
  • November: Literature Meet-up: We have posted some suggestions for a nice literature meetup here in WW Libre, so, get your comm together and prepare some readings and book exchanges for this meeting idea!
  • December: Christmas – You know the rules: Secret Santa, Christmas food and everyone in gold x white x red colorways!

Are you anticipating any new meeting idea? Don’t forget to share it!

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