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Halloween Nail Art for the Gothic Lolita


No matter what style of lolita you wear year round, October tends to bring out the spooky themes and dresses. In the spirit of the season, here are some simple nail art ideas for gothic lolitas. 

Remember that if you don’t have the time or patience to do these designs on all your nails, you can always just do these as an accent nail on your thumb or ring finger. 

Fang God for nail art

 If you’re looking for something dramatic, try a fang design. Start by prepping  your nails in your preferred method. Use a red to create a pair of lips at the top and bottom of each nail. Paint the rest of your nail black to create the open mouth. Use a dotting tool or a bobby pin to create two rows of teeth, one near your nail bed and one near the tip of your nail. Make four fangs by dragging your dotting tool. Give your nails a little bit of time to dry then add a quick dry top coat. 

Drop dead gore-geous 

The blood drip french manicure is a dead simple design that you can do without fancy tools (although the fancy tools help).

Start by prepping  your nails in your preferred method. If you’d like, paint your nails nude to get a smooth base to work with. If you do, make sure this coat is entirely dry before proceeding. Paint a thin red “smile” at the top of your nails. Its okay if it isn’t perfect; we’re going to add to it. With a dotting tool (or a bobby pin), create drips of blood of varying lengths on your nails. Most of your nails should only have two or three drips. Don’t be afraid to add them to the very sides of  your nails. For best results, create a large dot, then drag up in a wiggly line. While your nails are still a little wet, brush top coat on, brushing from the tips to the nail bed. If you do it the other way, the dips might smear upwards, ruining the effect. 

If these designs don’t turn out the way you expect, keep practicing! You’re learning something each time you paint your nails. Eventually, you’ll have nails to die for.

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