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Halloween Coordinates with One Dress

For gothic lolitas Halloween is when they get to enjoy all that they love to the fullest. Yet things aren’t always so simple for sweet and classic lolitas during this month. Those of us with no black in our wardrobe may feel compelled to get that one black dress just for Halloween meetups. But how to avoid having the same coord every year? With clever coordinating, of course! Let me show you how to style one dress in three different Halloween-appropriate ways.



A witchy outfit is one of the easiest Halloween coordinates you could make. Often it doesn’t even require any black, as witches can wear any colours they like. Although having said this, if you’re planning on getting a ready-made witch hat less expensively, black will be your only choice. So having a black dress to match would be easier. Still, don’t be afraid to become the sweetest pastel witch or go down the Hogwarts route of school uniform witch.

Witch Halloween coord

This would make a versatile base outfit for your Halloween meetup. However, it’s the accessories that could truly make it and establish if you’re a good or bad witch. JSK is from Innocent World, shoes by Baby the Stars Shine Bright, blouse by Angelic Pretty and socks by Alice and the Pirates. The witch hat is an offbrand one, use whatever kind you have available.



Just like witches, what vampires wear is up to your interpretation. You can simply wear fangs and be a vampire who wears lolita. For more instantly recognisable vampires I suggest either a floaty or over the top classic look. Think Interview with a Vampire, where you could. For your Halloween coord pick whichever look goes better with your main wardrobe, so that you can accessorize properly.

Vampire Halloween coord

Here you can see a more OTT vampire, ready for a ball at midnight. However, you could easily tone it down with a loose sleeve shirt and a lacy barette clip. JSK is by Innocent World, blouse by Black Peace Now, coat by Alice and the Pirates, tights by Abilletage, shoes by Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and headdress by Moi-meme-Moitie.



These wonderful animals are one of the symbols of Halloween. Luckily, there are plenty of pieces, both clothing and accessories, you could use, depending on your budget. The amazing thing about this coord is that it’s not even about looking like a bat. Instead, it’s about cramming as many bat shaped things into your outfit as you can.

Bat Halloween coord

This bat-tastic coord has a bat collar, necklace, ring and bat wing hair clips. Although we’ve no doubts that bat-fans amongst you could squeeze even more of these friends into the outfit. The JSK and shoes are from Innocent World, blouse from Moi-meme-Moitie, socks from Atelier 17, necklace from Alchemy Gothic, headdress from Dangerous Nude, and ring from Curiology.


What other Halloween outfits could you do with a simple black JSK? Make sure to share yours on Alice Holic!

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