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I bought a dress from Polish Lolita brand Lady Sloth★

Lately, Lolita brands from outside of Japan such as LIEF from Korea or Krad Lanrete from China, are gaining in popularity.

Although they are currently not yet very well known in Japan, there are Lolita brands in Europe as well. My Polish Lolita friends taught me about a brand called Lady Sloth. I thought their dresses were really cute so I could not resist ordering one… Their site is completely in English, but I managed to place an order and receive my dress safely★

They ship worldwide as well, so please check them out♪


Lady Sloth

lady sloth


A small Polish Lolita brand.

Overall, it seems most of their dresses convey a classical and elegant atmosphere. They also offer a variety of blouses and head accessories, as well as underskirts.


Once my dress had arrived, I could not resist trying it on immediately★


I decided on the Jacquard Nun OP.

This is how it looks when worn (size S, height 150cm). The matching beret is really cute as well.

The Krakow Lolitas are going to have a tea party again soon. It will be the perfect opportunity to wear this dress♪

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