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Creating a Gothic outfit with Wunderwelt items

A while ago, I bought this skirt from Wunderwelt shop.


It is a lovely old-school Lolita Metamorphose skirt.

Today I will show you three different outfits created around the same skirt.  It is fun to create new looks with the same items. It helps keep your interest in pieces you already own, instead of getting bored with them and buying new things. 
The first outfit is mostly white. Goth fashion is traditionally all in black, but it doesn’t have to be! White Goth is sometimes called “Ghost Goth” or “Ice Goth”. 
Since the main colour of the skirt is white, I chose a white blouse and boots to make it a complete outfit. 
The black bows balance out the print on the skirt. Because the print is actually velvet flocking, I choose a black velvet belt to match it. 
This outfit could be worn with any solid black or white head accessory and coat.
The second outfit is a more traditional Gothic outfit. I focused on the colour black this time. 
It is important for the top and bottom halves of the outfit to balance out. That’s why I make sure the shoes match the cutsew. 
Since the skirt has a cross print, I chose a winged headband, to emphasize the angelic theme. 
The third outfit is a little more old-school Lolita
It is also made for colder weather. Long bloomers peeking out the bottom of the skirt is cute, and long bloomers keep your legs warm. 
Knee-high boots keep the lower part of your legs warm, and the platform sole keeps the old-school look together. 
I focused on the white colour again this time, to imitate snow, and give it a winter feel
The black brooch is added to the cape to balance out the black on the skirt, and make the whole outfit look more complete. 
A solid white head accessory would be best with this outfit. 
The most important thing when making an outfit is balance. No matter how many or how few accessories you wear, they must balance out in shape and colour, top and bottom. 

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