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Re-introducing Metamorphose’s Blooming Garden ♡



Although it is a slightly older print, Metamorphose temps de fille’s Blooming Garden series enjoys popularity worldwide! Let’s see everybody’s coordinates♪

By the way, we currently have a few Blooming Garden items available at Wunderwelt as well, so make sure to check them out!





On a base of pastel pink stripes, gorgeous roses are in bloom! It is almost as if we have been transported to a princess’s castle or the garden of European royalty. An absolutely lovely design♡ If you look carefully you will find lots of details such as hearts, swans and ribbons♪ The back of the JSK is shirred, which is convenient if you want to adjust the silhouette of the dress☆The skirt reaches below the knee, therefore we would recommend a not too sweet, grown-up coordinate with this Jumperskirt.





The series is available in pink, yellow and white, which is especially beautiful for its blue roses. You have the choice between Onepiece, Jumperskirt or Skirt.



Coordinate it with a white blouse for a simple look♥ If you coordinate it with different blouses or cutsews, you can wear it all year round! Sweet Lolita, Hime Lolita or even a more Gyaru-like coordinate would look cute♫ Big hair and a headband with pink roses or a similar hair accessory would also look adorable!





Coordinate it with a puff-sleeved blouse with a big round collar to achieve a more classical look☆


Coordinate the gorgeous onepiece with a translucent frilly blouse with princess sleeves or a cutsew to become a princess♪ achieve an elegant look by wearing lace-print tights♪


The secret to wearing pastel colours well, is to achieve height by going for a voluminous hairstyle, adding a jabot or ribbon tie to the collar of your blouse, and choosing shoes and tights in the same colour to make your legs look longer♪


The yellow version of the Blooming Garden Onepiece♪ Yellow is said to give the brain a spark and apparently people wearing yellow are giving the impression of being easy to talk to♪ Perfect for a stroll in a garden or park in full bloom♪


Combine the yellow Blooming Garden Onepiece with wine red hair, blouse and head accessories to achieve a super-stylish look! Accents like the wine red cuff-like accessories and heart print tights tie the whole look together. A really well thought-out coordinate!


What is everybody’s favourite colour when it comes to this series?♪

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