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Secret Honey Disney Princess Coords


Secret Honey became very popular through their dresses inspired by Disney princesses. While they have a more cosplay-appropriate range, most of their pieces are closer to lolita fashion. Since Halloween is always a great excuse to whip up character inspired coordinates, these pieces will be perfect! And just so you don’t feel too guilty buying them, we’ll also show you some less character-like outfits to prove how versatile these dresses can be.


Secret Honey Does Rapunzel

Let down your hair and enjoy some comfort. While Disney’s Rapunzel was originally barefoot, this might not work outside of your house. However, this Secret Honey OP will still be comfortable thanks to how cleverly it inserts shirring. You can either add a cute barette to this signature wig or braid it and adorn with flowers. Time to put that Pascal plushie on your shoulder too!



Secret Honey OP with Queen Bee shoes, Alice and the Pirates OTKs, Airily wig and Metamorphose temps de fille barette.


Yet don’t be deceived – just because this is an OP and Disney princess-themed doesn’t mean that it’s not versatile! Throw a cute cardigan over it and style with white and pink for a Sweet look. Because of how cleverly Rapunzel’s picture is placed, without a petticoat you won’t even be able to tell that’s a Disney-themed dress! Although you still get bonus points if you can find a pan-shaped bag instead of this heart one.



Secret Honey OP with Angelic Pretty cardigan, Baby the Stars Shine Bright OTKs, Metamorphose temps de fille hair ties and Milk bag and shoes.


Secret Honey Does Belle

Although Belle is more known for her signature yellow dress, Secret Honey have also done other dresses. With the colder months approaching, you could wear this whilst still representing your favourite princess. The cape on the coat is detachable, so you can wear it either way, but if you want it, make sure to get it before the reservation period ends!



Secret Honey JSK with Jesus Diamante cutsew, Innocent World headbow, Baby the Stars Shine Bright boots, Enchantlic Enchantilly tights and Victorian Maiden coat.


Let’s not forget though that Belle is a princess who’s quite practical and bookish. She would encourage you to get a dress you really will wear. You can wear this particular JSK in a variety of styles. Sweet? Classic? Now you don’t have to choose!



Secret Honey JSK with Alice and the Pirates blouse and bag, Baby the Stars Shine Bright hat, Queen Bee boots and Enchantlic Enchantilly OTKs.


Secret Honey Does Little Mermaid

Sha-la-la-la-la-la, didn’t Ariel get that date night look right? Thanks to Secret Honey you can now wear it on your date too! Red locks are totally optional and the bigger your bow clip the better. This is such a romantic dress, but we won’t blame you if you decide to wear it on a solo seaside stroll instead.


Ariel / Little Mermaid

Secret Honey OP with Queen Bee shoes, Baby the Stars Shine Bright socks and Angelic Pretty barette.


Once again, even though this is an OP, the corset vest removable, thus making the dress more versatile. Add some stripes and here you have a fun sailor look for some seaside adventures. Quite practical, thanks to the cardigan, though you may want to swap the shoes for flats if you want even more comfort.


Ariel / Little Mermaid

Secret Honey OP with Queen Bee shoes, Shirley Temple Cute cardigan, Metamorphose temps de fille OTKs and Baby the Stars Shine Bright headbow.


Secret Honey Does Anna

Frozen was so incredibly popular it’s no wonder Secret Honey released so many different pieces. We like this JSK because it’s an homage to Anna without totally replicating her coronation dress look. But don’t blame us for mixing the princesses and adding Elsa’s cape! It’s chilly outside these days and you should cover your shoulders. Besides, how could we separate Disney’s best known sisters?


Anna / Frozen

Secret Honey JSK with Secret Honey cape, Queen Been shoes, Baby the Stars Shine Bright OTKs and Milk barette.


When not emulating Anna, this dress is a fantastic Classic piece. You could even try doing something mori-kei with it thanks to the colour scheme and nature themes. Although we decided to keep it simple and classy. Layer up for the season with long sleeves and a bolero. We don’t want you to be all Frozen now, do we?


Anna . Frozen

Secret Honey JSK with Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse, Juliette et Justine bolero, Innocent World shoes and headbow, and Atelier 17 OTKs.


Secret Honey Does Cinderella

Secret Honey has done a great job at making Cinderella’s iconic dress into both more faithful and more casual version. Here we’ve used the more casual one, but you can still make the look scream Cinderella. Although with these ankle straps, you shouldn’t be losing your shoes anytime soon!



Secret Honey OP with Queen Bee shoes, Angelic Pretty headband and Rose Marie Seoir choker.


However, just because this is the less OTT Cinderella dress doesn’t mean you can’t be more OTT. And just because you’re a princess doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate more Aristocrat pieces. A tailored jacket like this completely changes the look of this simple OP! Cinderella meets Prince Charming in one outfit – because why not?



Secret Honey OP with AmaStacia coat, Baby the Stars Shine Bright shoes, Pina Sweetcollection headdress, Angelic Pretty combs and Atelier 17 OTKs.


Have you ever done a lolita coordinate inspired by a Disney princess? Did you use a Secret Honey piece to achieve that? Make sure to show it off on Alice Holic!


* All items available from Wunderwelt and Wunderwelt Fleur as of October 10th. Availability is limited and not guaranteed at any later date.

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