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Brand Introduction: Atelier Pierrot


About Atelier Pierrot

Atelier Pierrot is a firm favourite amongst Elegant Gothic Lolita since its establishment in 1999. Although their clothing also works with Aristocrat, Classic and even Ouji coordinates, they remain a Gothic brand. Atelier Pierrot is not afraid to experiment with unusual fabrics, textures or colours, while maintaining the elegant style and feel to their creations. This allows them to create pieces that are unique, whilst remaining timeless and true to their style of showcasing a feminine silhouette.


Atelier Pierrot Corset OP

The Corset OP is the brand’s most iconic design. This one comes in 5 colours, all of which are still available on Wunderwelt Fleur. It can also fit up to 100cm bust and up to 80cm waist.


AtePie OP

Whilst less common for Atelier Pierrot, this Standing Collar Blouse OP is also a timeless, classic piece. You could even wear it daily for a Victorian look. It’s 100% cotton, so would be easy to wash, and available in 3 colours on Wunderwelt Fleur!


The Designer

Yuko Ashizawa is Atelier Pierrot’s current lead designer and acting president, although it was Keiko Oohashi who established the brand. Yuko Ashizawa started designing clothes because she couldn’t find what she wanted. In 2006 she stepped in as the brand’s designer, which is the first brand she became a designer for, and became its president in June 2013. Since then she has visited several countries representing the brand, attending tea parties and events in the UK, United States, China, Korea, Russia, Finland, France and more!


Atelier Pierrot CEO and designer

Atelier Pierrot’s designer and CEO, Yuko Ashizawa, at Stret Fashion Europe: Enchanted in London, April 2014. Photograph by Marie Tuonetar.


The Brand Internationally

Atelier Pierrot’s classic designs are timeless and versatile, which made it popular amongst lolitas worldwide. Their corset bustle skirts are a staple that can take you from a tea party to a Visual-kei concert, day to night. The brand’s generous use of shirring in many of their designs makes it size inclusive. Also, they often feature longer (and shorter!) length dresses and skirts that work for lolitas of different heights. On top of their own line of clothing, Atelier Pierrot shops in Japan (physical and online) carry items from other, often smaller designers that fit with the EGL aesthetic. This allows those labels to grow and be accessible to customers worldwide, as they can purchase these whilst making their Atelier Pierrot order.


Atelier Pierrot long jsk

Atelier Pierrot has tall lolitas covered with this Long Bustle Lace-up JSK. Grab it while it’s in stock!


Fear not if you’d much rather be a prince than a princess! The entire Marius Napoleon set is available on Wunderwelt Fleur: the pants, vest, jacket and cape!


Lolitas about Atelier Pierrot

Jo in Atelier Pierrot

Jo is wearing Dark Castle JSK. While Atelier Pierrot tends to stick to solid colours, when they do prints, they are often very colourful and intricate!

“Their stuff looks fancy enough for big events and their blouses fit all of the sizes which is great” — Jo (IG)


Atelier Pierrot blouse

This blouse would fit all your Elegant Gothic Lolita and Classic Lolita needs. Hurry, only white ones are left on Wunderwelt Fleur!

“[Atelier] Pierrot’s blouses are my favourite, they’re so beautiful and comfortable.” — Anonymous


Natalie in Atelier Pierrot

Natalie is wearing the classic Lace Corset OP in white. It works with a demonic look as well as it would with an angelic one, showcasing the brand’s versatility.

“This is the only Atelier Pierrot dress I have, it was actually fine to wear and well made” — Natalie (IG)


AtePie Classic dress

They may be mostly a Gothic brand, but do look out for their Classic pieces. Unfortunately, ailes de l’ange has sold out in lavender, but it’s still available in black and white!

“They are my favourite brand. I enjoy their more gothic style dresses and skirts, but what I love most is their classic style items that pop up every now and them.” — Anonymous



You can shop Atelier Pierrot on Wunderwelt Fleur. Combine with your regular Wunderwelt order to save on shipping!

Follow Atelier Pierrot on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or their main website for all the most up-to-date information about new products and upcoming events.

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