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Orange in Lolita: Can That Even Be Done?


Orange and Halloween are a combination that’s firmly established in everyone’s consciousness. This colour is linked so strongly with the holiday that it’s becoming more common in lolita fashion. It’s still not common and mostly appears in Halloween special releases once a year, nonetheless we see it more as time goes on. But can orange really be tastefully done in lolita? Here are some tips on making sure it does!


Orange Main Piece and Simple Base

When deciding to go for such a bold colour as orange, it’s best to keep the rest of the coordinate toned down. Preferably stick to just one other shade because any more risks throwing the outfit’s balance off. Black or white are the safest options available, but depending on your main piece, you may be able to use other colours. Purple with orange is a classic Halloween colour scheme, however grey, pink or even turquoise might also look lovely. When going for these colourful approaches aim to keep the shade the same, so pastels with pastels or dusty tones with dusty tones etc.


Coord 1

Orange is the new black in this classy coord where Gothic meets Classic. Triple Fortune skirt, Sheglit blouse, Alice and the Pirates bonnet, Pauline Rose flower clip, Metamorphose heels and Litte Rose Planet tights.


Orange Base and Complimenting Main Piece

All the colour combinations suggested above? Reverse them and wear an orange blouse and legwear combo with a main piece in a complimenting colour. To meet the demand for orange basics, both Japanese and indie brands have released some pieces. Lady Sloth released some wonderful blouses (cropped short sleeve and themed long sleeve), while brands like Angelic Pretty have done limited edition socks for their Halloween series. Although you should be able to find good tights or socks in your local shops as Halloween approaches. Having that as a base with a plain black, white or purple dress could be an excellent way to bring some unusual colours into your coordinates.


Coord 2

Builder pieces might be easier to fit into your wardrobe. Alice and the Pirates JSK, Lady Sloth blouse, Innocent World heels, Metamorphose hair clip and offbrand tights.


Simple Coloured Coordinate and Orange Accessories

You could incorporate some orange into your outfit on a yet smaller scale. Again, stick to one or two complementing colours, such as black and white or black and purple. What accessories you then decide to go for is up to you: jewellery, bags, berets, overlays etc. Many of these will also be available offbrand locally to you, making this a more budget-friendly way to incorporate an unusual colour like orange into your lolita wardrobe. Alternatively, you could craft some pieces to make your coordinates truly unique. Best of all: this doesn’t have to be a Halloween coord either!


Coord 3

Just because you’re using a colour associated with Halloween doesn’t mean you have to make a Halloween coord. Angelic Pretty OP and shoes, Baby the Stars Shine Bright hair combs, Alice and the Pirates OTKs, Berry-Q bag and Q-Pot necklace.


Have you tried wearing orange with your lolita coordinate this autumn? Make sure to upload your photos to Alice Holic. Your outfit may inspire others to give orange a go!


* All items (except the Lady Sloth blouse) are available for purchase on Wunderwelt and Wunderwelt Fleur. Availability is limited and not guaranteed.

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