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DIY: Detachable Lace Collar for your next outfits!


Detachable collars are a must on any Classic or Goth wardrobe! They’re versatile, easy to wear and able transform a whole coord onto something more sophisticated for you to wear.

Want to learn how to make a detachable lace collar? So keep on reading and get your materials ready!

For this tutorial you’ll need:

  •  Lace. This lace will be used to make the body of your collar. Choose something large enough to cover part of your neck and, of course, the collar of the blouse you might wear under it.
  • Ribbons. Velvet ribbons are the option here, but in case you can’t find it, satin will do just right.
  • Any other embellishment you feel like adding.

Let’s make it!

For this specific lace collar, I used:

  1. Guipure Lace (2 pieces each with the same lenght as the circumference of your neck);
  2. Satin ribbons (2cm width);
  3. Satin ribbons (1cm width);
  4. Stone earrings;
  5. Lace for decoration;
  6. Chains for decoration;
  7. Thick lace.

First of all, sew the edges of the lace together. Then sew the another lace on the middle to give it more support.

Now it’s time to prepare the ribbons! Get one piece, sew the lace over it and then fold it on the middle. I suggest you to sew the folded ribbon or to use hot glue to get it together. Then use the smaller ribbon to hold it in the middle.

Then it’s time to add some embellishments! I’ve added the stone that I took out from an earring, some chains and then an extra ribbon to tie everything up.

And it’s ready!

This collar is perfect to wear together with a cut-sew or with high-collared blouses that may need a bit embellishment.

lace collar

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