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Lolita Travel Packing Checklist!

Lolita traveling checklist!

Whether you’re traveling to meet a friend or for a full-fledged Tea Party, it’s mandatory to have a well planned checklist for everything that you might need for your coord!

To help you on this quest, I’ve prepared a quick checklist for you to use as you need. Don’t forget to make adaptations depending on your style and on how many days you will be spending away from your wardrobe!

Step 1: Read about the place you’re going to

First thing you should do is to read a bit about the place you’re traveling to. Will the temperatures be too high or too low? Is it winter or summer over there? Are you going to walk a lot or use public and private transport?

All of those factors impact on what you should be packing, since higher temperatures will demand lighter fabrics or, if you’re going to do a lot of walking, an extra pair of comfortable shoes might be a good idea.

Step 2: Consider a capsule wardrobe!

Ok, this might be the hardest step. To prepare a capsule wardrobe, the best advice I can give you is to start choosing a palette. This way you can save up some space and end up with more combo options when coording.

Choosing interchangeable colors like black x white x red, or red x blue, for example, will leave you with room for some mix and match. Also, take into consideration how many coords you’ll need for this trip, as it will make it easier when choosing how many OPs or Skirts you will need.

Skirt, Shoes and JSK by BTSSB

Step 3: Prepare a Checklist!

So, without further ado, let’s prepare your checklist!

First, let’s think about your main pieces and the combos you can make.

Main pieces:

  • [] One Piece
  • [] Jumper Skirt + Blouse / Cardigan / Bolero / Cutsew
  • [] Salopette + Blouse / Cutsew
  • [] Skirts + Blouse / Cutsew
  • [] Petticoat
  • [] Bloomers / shorts

Now, let’s check the other items you’ll need:


  • [] Bracelet
  • [] Watch
  • [] Gloves
  • [] Necklace
  • [] Ring
  • []  Wrist Cuffs

Hair Accessories:

  • [] Beret
  • [] Bonnet
  • [] Corsage
  • [] Hat
  • [] Headdress
  • [] Barrette
  • [] Veils
  • [] Ribbons


  • [] Backpack
  • [] Handbag
  • [] Shoulder Bag
  • [] Wallet

Outer Pieces:

  • [] Cardigan
  • [] Bolero
  • [] Coat
  • [] Cape
  • [] Jacket


  • [] Socks
  • [] Tights
  • [] Shoes
  • [] Boots
  • [] Sneakers

For those that wear wigs, don’t forget to add these to your list together with things like hairspray, wigcap and brushes to untangle it.

Packing tips

Ok, now that you have your checklist, have some tips for packing before a trip:

  • If you don’t have too much space, consider using plastic vacuum packaging to pack your petti and One Pieces. This will save a lot of space inside your luggage!
  • Consider packing dresses and skirts that can handle the same kind of petti in order to save some space.
  • Don’t forget to pack a separate toiletry bag and medical supplies with everything you’ll need!
  • Double check your list days before your actual packing! We don’t want unpleasant surprises on the day of the trip 🙁

And that’s it! Hope you like it ♥

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