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Fall Nail Art for the Classic Lolita

No matter what style of lolita you wear year round, October tends to bring out the spooky themes and gorgeous fall colors. In the spirit of the season, here are some simple nail art ideas for classic lolitas. 

Remember that if you don’t have the time or patience to do these designs on all your nails, you can always just do these as an accent nail on your thumb or ring finger. 

Line ‘em up. 

If you’re looking for a simple, classy style to wear for a while, this simple stripe in a bold fall color is perfect. Grab some striping tape (you can make your own out of regular tape, just cut very small pieces) and paint a base color. This color will merely be an accent color, so feel free to grab an eye catching orange or a lime green. Use a quick dry top coat and wait for your nail to dry completely. This is extremely important.

Watch a quick episode of Aggresutko or catch up on Lovely Lor. When your base color is hard and dry, place your striping tape near the top of your nail, almost like you’re going to draw the smile of a French manicure. Make sure the tape is adhering firmly to your nail and paint over the whole. Wait until the polish is somewhat dry and carefully remove the tape.

Want a little bit more of a challenge? Use your striping tape to create other geometric designs, like this checkerboard gradient.  

Grade A. 

I love simple gradients for classic coords, and as we head into fall I find myself reaching for rich reds, browns, and oranges. Pick two of your favorite colors and paint your nails a solid color (I usually do the lighter color). Use a quick dry top coat or wait until your nail is completely dry. Load your sponge with both colors and apply the colors to your nail until you get the desired gradient. Add a quick dry top coat to smooth out the texture of your nail. 

If these designs don’t turn out the way you expect, keep practicing! You’re learning something each time you paint your nails. Eventually, you’ll have nails to die for. 

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