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DIY: Lolita Wristcuffs Tutorial!


Hello! Today I’ll teach you how I make my own wristcuffs with elastic and a bit of lace! For those that do not know what a wrist-cuff is, just check this beautiful pair from Metamorphose!


So, let’s check the materials needed:


  • 2 pieces of elastic (they should be cut the circumference of your wrists);
  • Lace (two kinds are preferably);
  • 2 pieces of ribbon (the same length of the elastic);
  • Decoration (optional).


1. First of all, get the elastic and cut it using the circumference of your wrist as a reference. Then, stretch it to the maximum.Measure the longest length it reaches and then cut your lace by that amount. I will use three different pieces of lace for this tutorial (1 larger and 2 others of the same size).

2. Now place the lace pieces on top of each other, just like the picture above, and sew over the bottom edge of it.

3. The three pieces of lace should be attached as in the picture above. Take one of the smaller parts and place it down (like in the picture). It will be the base of your wrist cuff, while the top two will be the top.

4. Then get the ribbon and fold the sides of it.

5. Now, sew the ribbon over the lace pieces, hiding the seam previously made.

6. Now, take the elastic and pass it through the gap created between the lace and the ribbon. Your cuff should look like the one in the picture above. Fold the piece in half and sew the two ends with the machine, sealing the cuff. Now it’s time to decorate.

7. For the decoration I used a red gauze ribbon, a smaller velvet ribbon and rose appliques. I’ve attached them with a safe pin so that I’m able to exchange the embellishments according to the coord.

Your wristcuff is ready! ♥ Remember to decorate it to your liking and, if you need inspiration, go check some branded cuffs out there! Krad Lanrette has some  beautiful cuffs decorated with a small ribbon and pendant.

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