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Two Simple Santa Nail Art Designs


Its already December and the Christmas season in full swing. To get into the holiday spirit, here are two nail art designs celebrating the big man himself: Santa Claus. 

Tip: save yourself time and paint the nail art only on your thumb or ring finger for a cute accent nail. 

He’s making a list…

Santa’s red hat with white trim is iconic and dead simple to do in nail art. This simple manicure can be done with a bobby pin, though a dedicated nail dotting tool will make it easier. Prep your nails as desired and paint a thick red smile at the tip of your nail. Sweep the edge of the hat down towards the base of your nail bed. Start thick and make it thinner as your approach the nail bed. Now take your dotting tool and load it with white. Create a fluffy border underneath your red smile and add a fluffy bulb to the tail. 

…and checking it twice. 

Santa’s matching coat is equally easy to recreate. This will be easier with a small thick nail brush, although you could do it with a regular nail bottle brush and a steady hand. Prep your nails as desired and paint your nails red. Top your red with a quick dry top coat and wait for the red to fully dry before moving on. Create a thick white smile at the tip of your nail, then create a thick line vertically down the center of your nail for the center seam of Santa’s coat. Make Santa’s black belt with a black line horizontally across the center of your nail. Finish it off with a silver glitter or paint for the buckle.

Feel free to mix and match these designs to dress your hands up with a full Santa suit! Remember, the more you practice, the easier nail art will become. 

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