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[Review] Moi-Même-Moitié Jewelry Print Overknee Socks


Let’s check a quick review for Moi-Même-Moitié’s Jewelry Print Overknee Socks! They available at 34U$ right now, an can be bought through WunderWelt Fleur website.

Jewelry Print Overknee Socks

Just like the other OTKs from Moitie, this one comes packed in a transparent bag with the Moitie Logo over it printed in a satin paper.  You may find some info in the front part such as price, number and name of the OTKs.

In the back of it there are some washing instructions (all in Japanese, unfortunately), sizing info and materials

The material for this one is pretty good, and the printing is clear with bright colours. I’d say that this one was made out of the same material of Enchantlic’s OTKs.

Here you can check how it looks like when worn. The print keeps it contrast and it doesn’t deform too much around the knee’s area. Depending on the shoes you’re wearing, their strap may cover some parts of the OTK’s print, so be aware!

And that’s it! Hope it’s useful for your next purchase 🙂

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