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Meet the artist: Yoh


If you’ve ever touched a Gothic and Lolita Bible chances are that you already know Yoh’s illustrations! Yoh (@yoh_monochrome) is a Japanese artist that was very influential in the Gothic and Lolita style during the publication of the GLB in Japan. His super dramatic eyelashes and monochromatic drawings have caught the attention of many Lolitas worldwide, and even resulted in collabs with brands such as Alice and the Pirates.


Yoh’s illustrations in the Gothic and Lolita subculture started back in the 90’s, when he first spotted this fashion in Harajuku. Since then he started listening to MALICE MIZER’s musics and found out about the “Gothic & Lolita Bible” publications, which led him into the universe of this fashion.

He first started with his drawings in still life, but, thanks to the fashion’s influence, he slowly changed to his signature style that can be readily seen both on his Instagram account and his personal Twitter.


Yoh’s work are still considered very influential on the Lolita Fashion subculture, and used to illustrate a series of comics on GLB’s issues.

Want to follow his work? Then check out his personal media:

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