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Three simple ideas for crafting meet-ups (even if you’re not a crafty person)


Lolita fashion has been associated with crafting and DIY since its beginnings. To this day, many fans of the fashion craft clothing and accessories to go with their coordinates. Hosting a crafting meet is a great way to incorporate some of that DIY spirit in a social setting. However, not everyone has the skills to make a stunning accessories or sew a dress from scratch. Here are three ideas for hosting a crafting meet even if you’ve never made anything before. 

Enlist the help of your fellow community members. 

Hosting a meet can be intimidating, but its easier if you can distribute the work. If you have a talented crafty lolita in your midst, you can ask if they’d be willing to teach a craft at a meet that you host. They may be more willing if they don’t have to do the heavy lifting of finding a venue or sending out invites. Try to brainstorm with your crafting expert to figure out an activity that can be completed within a few hours with resources that you can easily access. 

 Look for a local sewing shop or maker’s space. 

 Chances are there is a local sewing shop or other crafting space that offers private lessons or hosts events. Often, these kinds of shops will be able to provide materials and instructions for a specific project.  That way, everyone has a craft to work on and take home. A small shop may also be able to work with you to find a craft that works well with j-fashion. Not only will you be supporting a local business, but you’ll be cultivating relationships with makers in your area who may be open to commissions or alterations.

 If you don’t have a shop that fits the bill, think outside the box. See if a yarn store will give some newbies a knitting or crocheting class to get started. Contact a quilting store to see if they have classes for small projects.

Find a ready-made kit

 If you can’t find a teacher, you can always purchase ready made crafting kit. There are kits for embroidery, cross stitch, and other home arts available from Joan Fabrics and Amazon. They include everything needed to create a complete project with clear instructions. These kits can be acquired for $20 and you can send a link to your attendees so they can buy the kits themselves. Since these kits don’t take up much room or require special equipment, it would be easy to hold this meet at a café, in a park, or in a home. 

Now you can use these ideas as a starting point for your crafting meet! 


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