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Two Sweet Treats to Keep Your Nails Cool This Summer


Just in time for summer, here are two designs inspired by some super cool treats: ice cream! These designs are super easy and will look great with sweet lolita coordinates. 

Before I go further, it is important acknowledge that as a white woman, I am following in the footsteps of many other talented people when I create nail art. Not only is the nail industry in the United States dominated by Asian women (usually Vietnamese women), Black women have been wearing and creating elaborate nail are long before kawaii culture started embracing it. 

My nail art is just a small part of the larger story of this art as a form of expression, and I highly encourage you to seek out and support Black owned nail supply companies (and your local salons!). 

Melty Cream…Ice Cream?

Prep your nails as designed. Paint your nails colors appropriate for ice cream.

I went with pink, peach, and mint, but you can use whatever you’d like.Top with a quick dry top coat and make sure it is dry before moving on.

Using a dotting tool or bobby pin, create drips. Use the shape of the dotting tool to create the bottom of the drip, then drag up.

I used white, but you could also use brown for chocolate syrup. If you’d like additional visual interest, use a smaller dotting tool or a toothpick to create sprinklers. Make sure to tap excess polish off before making the sprinkles. Top with a quick dry top coat. 

Want to get some really fine details? Use acrylic paint instead of polish!

Cup or cone?

This next design is a little less abstract but requires a much more steady hand. Prep your nails as desired. Paint your nails an appropriate color for an ice cream cone (I chose peach).

Top with quick dry top coat. Load up a liner brush with a dark brown and make a cross hatch to represent a waffle cone. Top with quick dry top coat.

Use a large dotting tool, top your cones with scoops of ice cream. Start thin, but don’t be afraid to add big scoops. The edges should be scalloped and rounded. Top with quick dry top coat. 

Don’t have time to do every nail? Just do accent nails. I like doing my ring and thumb, but experiment and see what you like best. 

And remember…

If your nails don’t look the way you want the first time you try this art, keep practicing! Or check out these Black owned nail art companies for press on nails for maximum impact with minimal effort. 

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